Resilience by Dr. Michael Unger

September 15, 2020

My company had a lecture about Resilience by Dr. Michael Unger, and I have compiled a few of my notes below.

  • Resilience - nagivate your world but also negotiate resources around you.
  • Resilience is not just about being positive yourself but also about the resources/support around you.
  • Factors such as accountability, supportive relationships, community belonging, sense of control, positive thinking, physical and financial well being (social comparison causes unhappy financial wellbeing).
  • Which resources we need is a matter of negotiation.
  • Strategies for success :
    • Change yourself - which change are the right ones?
      • Chocolate.
      • Sleep.
      • Physical fitness.
      • Dinner with family.
      • A little alcohol.
      • Relationships/Sex.
    • Make the best use possible of the 12 resources you have.
    • Change your world to have more of the 12 resources.
    • When all else fails, change what you want.