I’m currently an engineering manager at Wealthsimple in our stock-trading product line. In the past, I’ve been in software engineering roles at both Series-B startups and large enterprises. My fondest memory is starting my own business and spending 2 years as a CTO where I hired devs, raised funds and managed on-prem relationships with customers (we built an excel-like platform for big-data).


I completed my MSc degree in Computer Science at McMaster University as a member of the Data Science Research Lab. My thesis was titled Data Cleaning with Minimal Information Disclosure and lead to 3 publications (1 ACM JDIQ Journal and 2 ACM CIKM Conferences).

Additionally, I completed my BSc degree (Hons) in Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, graduating with First Class Honours and a departmental rank of 1/55.

Technical Interests

Broadly, my interests include distributed systems, software architecture and algorithms. I like diving deep into problems. I am intimately familiar with Java, and Java-related technologies (Spring, Spark, Android, JRuby, etc). I also enjoy programming in Typescript/React and Python.

Other Interests

  • Guitar
  • Swimming
  • Scrabble
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Reading sci-fi or lit classics